The TA-CMI is a tough, effective tool for measuring differential pressure, fl ow and
temperature in a hydronic system, and which allows you to pinpoint problems
accurately and quickly. Robust, accurate and easy-to-use, the TA-CMI can be used
on almost any system, while its small size means it is easy to take measurements
in confi ned spaces.
The TA-CMI is a computer programmed measuring instrument. It consists of an electronic differential pressure gauge and
a micro computer that has been programmed with the TA valve characteristics which makes the direct reading of fl ow and
differential pressures possible.
The TA-CMI has two main components:
- An instrument unit which contains a micro computer, input touch pad, LCD display and re-chargeable NiMH batteries.
- A sensor unit which contains a piezoresistive pressure sensor, one measurement valve and connections. The
measurement valve has a safety function which protects the sensor from surges in differential pressure.
The instrument unit and the sensor unit communicate wirelessly or alternatively by cable.
Measurement range:
Total pressure: max 2 500 kPa.
Differential pressure: -9 to 200 kPa.
Flow: During fl ow measurements the pressure range is 0.5 to 200 kPa.
Temperature: -20 to 120°C
Temperature liquid medium:
-20 to 120°C
Measurement deviation:
Differential pressure: The greater of ±1% of displayed value or ±0.2 kPa
Flow: As for differential pressure + valve deviation.
Temperature: <0.2°C + sensor deviation.
Effective operating time:
18 h between charges depending upon application.
Ambient temperature for the instrument:
0 to 40°C (during operation)
0 to 40°C (charging)
-20* to 60°C (storage)
*) Do not leave water in the sensor when there is a risk of freezing. Storage above 40°C reduces battery life.
Differential pressure measurement
Sensor for high total pressures and low differential pressures gives quick results and reliable readings.
Temperature measurement
A Pt 1000 temperature sensor which allows measurement direct in the media is included. Air temperature can also be
measured by using the temperature sensor (reading can be taken after a couple of minutes).
Automatic calibration
The pressure sensor is automatically calibrated before each measurement sequence. The TA-CMI should be recalibrated
once a year by the manufacturer.
Automatic venting
The design of the sensor unit and a short fl ow-through during calibration eliminate measurement errors caused by
insuffi cient venting.
Media correction
The TA-CMI can calculate fl ows with different contents of glycol or similar anti-freeze additives in the water.
Wireless communication
Wireless communication between the instrument and sensor unit (400 MHz and 900 MHz) or by cable.
The re-chargeable NiMh batteries can not be exchanged by the user. The batteries will be exchanged at repair or calibration at the manufacturer.